In August 2020, the Institute launched its social media campaign titled: #thehandsofmen which is focused on Gender-Based Violence, Femicide, and Human Trafficking. The “hands of men” is of particular concern to the Institute as it emphasizes the role of men as perpetrators of GBV directed especially at women, children, people living with disabilities including the LGBTQIA+ persons. Our aim is to make a meaningful contribution to the eradication of GBV, Femicide, and Human Trafficking globally and to bring about HEALING to survivors.

This moment in history is calling for extraordinary efforts to stem out the continued, sustained, and escalating onslaught on the life and wellbeing of women and children at the hands of men. We are called to act on multiple fronts to change the reality for women and children today and for years to come. The efforts to change the trajectory have never been as urgent as now. It is in this context that the Institute launched its campaign to advocate and educate so as to eradicate GBV, Femicide, and Human Trafficking.

Through the years we have accompanied many victims of gender violence on their healing journeys. Needless to say, we are acutely aware of the increase and the dire need to support victims of GBV. We are also aware of the need to do more advocacy work to eradicate violence against women and children inclusive of femicide and human trafficking.