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The process facilitates

Creating platforms where residents can exchange ideas, initiatives and plans in order to build solidarity – across social group, class, ideology, gender, generations and other potential conflict lines.

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The building of healing and reconciliation infrastructures that contributes to creating a peaceful society.

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Ways of understanding each other’s spirituality: environment: and the interconnectedness of the human family.

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The cementing of social cohesion between different social groups, classes, ideologies, genders and generations

A variety of activities are used, combining different methodologies of learning to engage participants in these various processes

Community needs analysis workshops are conducted with community members identifying their strengths and their weakness in addressing issues that affects their daily lives and those characteristics that contribute to their resilience in dealing with these challenges in their community.

Working with and identifying the different perceptions and perspectives people have of each other to build strong relationships with and between community leaders and local organizations.

Collaborating with communities to host Community Dialogues that surfaces the collective pain of the community and provide the tools to talk about these painful issues in a manner that takes individuals and the community leaders to talk and think more deeply about that issues that affects the emotional and spiritual health of their community.

Engaging in any other activities identified by the communities we work with that further the aims of the Community Healing Project.

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What I do for fun? Weekends away with friends. Peace, quite and space to be creative.


What I do for fun? Hanging out with my best friend pretty much anywhere.


What I do for fun? Give me my skateboard and set me free.


What I do for fun? Find me a festival and some good music and let me loose.