About Us

The Institute for Healing of Memories (IHOM) seeks to contribute to lasting individual and collective healing that makes possible a more peaceful and just future.

Since the 1990s, we have facilitated workshops and events that enable people from different racial, religious and social backgrounds to reach a better understanding of themselves and of each other.

Our work has grown out of South Africa’s unique history and our need to remain attentive to how our divided past can impact on us both individually and as communities and as a nation.

We believe that when personal stories are heard and acknowledged, individuals feel healed and empowered and dignity is restored; at the same time, bridges can be built across communities and a common path forged based on mutual understanding and shared values.

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Strategic objectives

IHOM’s programmes are built around three central objectives

Breaking the cycle of dehumanisation, by which victims frequently become victimisers.


Restoring an enduring dignity, purpose and hope to marginalised individuals and communities.


Making new pathways possible by equipping individuals with the emotional tools to retake charge of their own lives.