Healing of Memories Process and Support

Everyone has a story to tell and every story needs to be heard, acknowledged, and respected. This is the first step to personal healing as well as healing of interpersonal relationships. By exploring and acknowledging the emotional wounds carried by nations, communities and individuals. The process consists of the “First step toward healing” workshop, that create a safe space for people to tell their story, to be listened to and heard. The second phase is a one-day workshop that enables people to deal with anger, struggle with forgiveness and overcome hatred. People are also invited to a reunion to share their healing journey.

It is a process where we are healers of each other. The workshops bring together diverse groups of people together sometimes around common themes i.e. victims of gender based violence; people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS; communities impacted by drugs and gang violence; interfaith groups, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers; people living with disability and albinism; military veterans and intergenerational workshops to mention a few.

We engage with community support groups to provide psycho-education to empower members to make positive changes in their own lives and that of their community and prevent harmful practices.


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