Africa Programme

IHOM with our implementing partners in Namibia (Franciscan Healing of Memories), Angola (OMUNGA Association), Zimababwe (Aqua Healing & International Order of St Luke), Zambia Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi), Malawi (Lydia Foundation Evangelical Lutheran Development Service), Burundi (Trauma Healing And Reconciliation Services), DRC (UNA-DRC), Ghana (Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture) and Lesotho (Society of the Sacred Mission) are hosting the “One step toward Healing’ workshop and the second phase workshops in their countries.

Developing a core group of facilitators in the healing of memories methodology is an integral part of the programme to ensure long tern sustainability of healing of memories in their countries. Partners are also introduced to the diversity of work in IHOM that contribute to healing of individual, communities and nations. Regular online seminars, workshops and conversations with partners focus on issues faced across the continent i.e. gender based violence, human trafficking, conflict, generational trauma and so on.


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