Youth Development: Restoring Humanity

Restoring Humanity youth workshop, 23 February at the Homecoming of District Six Museum Restoring Humanity youth workshop, 23 February at the Homecoming of District Six Museum

“I realised that we cannot change the past but we can all work together to make South Africa a better place.”
- Workshop participant

Our Youth Development Programme seeks to help young South Africans to learn about and from their country’s past. The programme starts from the belief that in order for our young people to be able to respond sensitively to the present impact of past suffering, they must be knowledgeable about South Africa’s history of segregation and oppression.

Participants learn about the human rights abuses of the apartheid years and the vision and leadership shown by all those who worked tirelessly to bring about a democratic and peaceful society. In turn, the young people are encouraged to explore the role that they might play in shaping a society that upholds human rights, justice and equality for all, irrespective of race, ethnic group or religion.


About the project

The IHOM Youth Programme and identified community partners in Atlantis, Masiphumelele and Athlone has embarked on a 12 month youth development project. This pilot project started in March 2011 and will conclude March 2012.

The Focus of the project is to develop 30 young people (10 form each participating area) that will have the capacity and skills to address actions that consciously and subconsciously – destroy and take away human dignity- in their community and broader society.

Learning activities
The facilitating team has developed a learning process where participants engage in a series of activities that include workshops, youth platforms, storytelling circles/intergenerational dialogues/ residential workshops/visiting historical/present day - sites of dehumanization etc.

These learning processes are designed to provide them with skills in, and knowledge of:
-    Past, Present and ancient wounds of our country and Western Cape in particular (general)
-    Analyse and identify strategies used in past and present to dehumanize people – overtly and subtly
-    Develop an understanding of how past present and ancient wounds affects young people today (specific)
-    Observation skills: developing indicators of human dignity being subverted presently (use of language, poverty implication etc)
-    Communication skills and tools to – celebrate that which is life giving and lying to rest that which is destructive- (using social media networks)


Liso Madekane
Charl Damon
Sandile Sithole
Yolanda Ngqokambe
Michael Henkeman

Community Partner organisations

Beacon Hill Church and the Khoisan Coloured Reformation: Atlantis and Mamre
The mission of The Khoisan Coloured Reformation organization is to encourage and protect of human rights and fundamental freedom for all indigenous people and called on governments and civil society to ensure that the Declaration’s vision becomes a reality by working to integrate indigenous rights into their policies and programmes.

The Beacon Hill Independent Church was established more than 10 years ago by Pastor Michael Adams. The Church plays an active role in addressing the socio economic challenges faced by the Atlantis and Mamre community.

Fusion South Africa: Athlone
Fusion South Africa, is a youth and community organization and registered NPO, and has been involved with community projects in the greater Athlone area for the past year. We have been running programmes like Kids’ Clubs, Youth Daytrips, Chat ‘n Chow (reflection for youth and sharing of food) in Silvertown and also Open Crowd Festivals with the purpose of allowing the “people” of the community to engage and co-operate with one another.


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