Friday, 06 May 2016 12:11

Restoring Humanity Youth Exhibition

The Restoring Humanity Youth Program of the Institute for Healing of Memories embarked on a yearlong project offering a series of activities with a focus on inter religious dialogues for young people in Cape Town entitled God Has Many Names. These workshops and visits took place in Atlantis, Cape Town CBD, Delft, Langa, Mamre, Mitchells Plain and Belhar.

The workshops focused on different themes, exploring what is religion, religion in South Africa, conflict and religious, religious extremism and creating inclusive integrated communities.

Participants shared what their religion meant to them with their peers and had conversations with a diverse range of religious leaders, including Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians, African Traditionalists and Jewish Religious differences among people can divide society as we witness today in the world. In South Africa woman have been targeted and killed because it is believed practice witchcraft. These outbreaks of violence underscore the need for programs focusing on understanding religious differences and on the similarities that unite us, especially among young people who are impressionable and vulnerable to extremism and stereotyping.

It is hoped the activities has contributed to fostering understanding and friendships among people from different faith beliefs and those not practicing any religions.

The God Has Many names exhibition is a youth focused exploration of religion in the broader Cape Town metropolitan areas. The team comprised of young school going participants between the ages of sixteen and nineteen years old of Restoring Humanity youth program. The youth facilitators of the project played an internal part of facilitating the process and participating in the installation of the exhibition.

The exhibition is an attempt to reflect the experiences shared and lessons learnt of the yearlong “God Has Many Names” project that was launched on the 21 st March 215. The exhibition is the outcome of a collective process of conceptualization, creative and installation of the participants which took place over a period of a month.

This exhibition has been launch on the 21 st March 2016 – Human Rights Day at the South African National Gallery – Iziko Museum - Annexe - and will be up till the 1 st June 2016