Redeeming the Past - How to buy the Book and CD

Redeeming the Past - How to buy the Book and CD

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“Michael’s life . . . . is part of the tapestry of the many long journeys and struggles of our people.”—Nelson Mandela

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About the Institute for Healing Memories

The Institute for the Healing of Memories seeks to contribute to the healing journey of individuals, communities and nations. Our work is grounded in the belief that we are all in need of healing, because of what we have done, what we have failed to do, and what has been done to us.

Since the 1990s, we have facilitated workshops that enable people from different ethnic groups, races and religions to reach a better understanding of themselves and each other. In a safe, supportive space, guided by expert facilitators, participants are helped to confront sources of alienation, misunderstanding and personal suffering.

The workshop has grown out of South Africa’s unique history and our need to remain attentive to how our divided past can impact on us both individually and as communities and a nation. We believe that when personal stories are heard and acknowledged, individuals feel healed and empowered. Through deep listening and meaningful sharing, human relationships can be transformed and restored.

Over the years, we have worked with people from a rich diversity of backgrounds, as well as with refugees, offenders, HIV/ AIDS sufferers, and victims of domestic violence. The effectiveness of the Healing of Memories workshop has been widely documented and the methodology has been used in countries as far afield as the USA, East Timor, Rwanda and Northern Ireland.

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  • Mission

    The Institute for the Healing of Memories seeks to contribute to the healing journey of individuals, communities and nations.

    We are a non-profit organisation committed to:

    • facilitating the healing process of individuals and communities in South Africa and internationally
    • remembering the apartheid years and healing the wounds
    • redeeming the past by celebrating that which is life giving and laying to rest that which is destructive
    • working in partnership with others who share our vision
  • Healing of Memories Workshops
    Healing of Memories Workshops

    “What made an impact on me is that I was not the only person who had suffered. That helped me to see myself not as a victim but as a survivor.”
    - Workshop participant

    By exploring and acknowledging the emotional and spiritual wounds carried by nations, communities and individuals, the Healing of Memories workshop seeks to decisively break the destructive cycle of suffering, anger and violence that can disfigure societies.

  • History

    “I have travelled the journey from being a freedom fighter, to being a healer. And in some small measure, my journey reflects the journey of South Africa. There was a time to slay the monster of apartheid. But now that we have democracy, it is time to heal, to reconcile, to rebuild.”
    Fr Michael Lapsley

    The Institute for Healing of Memories was founded in 1998. It grew out of the Chaplaincy Project of the Trauma Centre for Victims of Violence and Torture, where Father Michael Lapsley was one of the founder members.

  • One Step Toward Healing

    These three videos explore the stages of healing through interviews and footage of actual workshops.