Second Phase Workshops Schedule 2011

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  • Workshops:
    Date Venue
    11 JuneLittle Stream
    11/19/10Little Stream

Donations and Bequests

A Healing of Memories workshop is a liberating experience, and for many people the first time they are given the opportunity to tell their stories of pain, suffering and oppression. Feelings of anger, hatred and the need for revenge begin to be overcome, and are replaced with a willingness to consider forgiveness and reconciliation. This holds true not only for South Africans, but also for people in other countries where experiences of war and oppression continue to impact on their lives.

As you reflect on your last wishes please consider making a bequest to the Institute for Healing of Memories.

The donations and bequests we receive give more people the opportunity to liberate themselves from the past by attending a Healing of Memories workshop. Should you wish to make a further donation, you may make a direct deposit into our bank account, or post a cheque to the appropriate address listed below. As we would like to thank each of our donors personally, we would appreciate your advising us of a direct deposit by email or by mail at the addresses given on the Donations page.

Your support is greatly appreciated.
With all good wishes
Fr. Michael Lapsley SSM